The Cellshield System

The Cellshield system has been designed to ensure the simplest, most cost effective edge protection system on the market today.

Cellshield has been designed to be installed at the time of main frame erection. The system is fully compliant with the requirements of BS EN 13374:2013+A1:2018 Class A at all stages during the construction and following trades.

The basic system comprises of three lines of handrails, with a lightweight metal mesh mounted in front of these. Rails are positioned such that the system is fully compliant with BS EN 13374 (Class A) both pre and post slab pour, with no gap greater than 470mm at any time during construction.

The full height of the triple rail system exceeds the minimum recommendations of BS EN 13374 (Class A) and provides an added level of security to the site workforce. The system allows for two variable heights, 1.2m and 1.8m depending on the client requirement.

The mesh panel system incorporates a built in toe board and is adjustable in height to allow access, whilst maintaining the triple rail system at all times. There are also half length panels to accommodate risers and corners.

Key benefits of the system include:

  • Easy and speedy installation
  • Simple components with no moving parts
  • Lightweight mesh panels for manual handling
  • Secure attachment to the steel frame via sacrificial welded or bolted sockets
  • Simple breakdown at end of project
  • Sustainable solution with full reusability for all main components
  • Solid toe-plate for excellent debris containment
  • Adjustable in width and height